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Today's 3D printers are:

3D printers are painfully slow

3D printers can take many, many hours to finish printing large, complex and elaborate designs. Of course, printers are also not impervious to errors, so you will probably spend some more hours tinkering with the printer’s parts and tweaking the software’s settings. Unless you have the patience of a saint, many 3D printers currently are not for you.

The machines are very unreliable

We have all returned to our printers only to be greeted by a wonderful mess of spaghetti! An infinite number of parameter adjustments, combinations of model geometries and materials, in addition to interference from the outside world result in faults from bed detachments and nozzle blockages to offsets and warping just to name a few. Currently users are tied to their 3D printers, checking on their print every 5 minutes, watching and waiting for an error to occur.

There is minimal feedback and machine awareness

When something goes awry the printer remains blissfully unaware and just keeps printing. Firstly, this wastes material resulting in both a cost hit but also an environmental one - we must reduce wasted plastic. Secondly, energy is constantly being consumed by the printer - raising bills and electricity usage. Finally and most frustratingly it wastes valuable time. Wouldn't it be great if the printer immediately stopped when something went wrong, made adjustments and then started again?


The answer is the Mattacloud

1. Add camera
2. Spot errors
3. Receive warning
4. Take action and fix

Stop wasting your valuable time staring at 3D printers.

1. Setup

Add camera to 3D printer

Mattacloud add any camera

Easy to setup and install

To receive all the benefits there is a very simple one time setup process. Just add a low-cost camera such as a USB webcam or Raspberry Pi camera to your 3D printer and position it to observe the print. A Raspberry Pi or equivalent running OctoPrint is required. Copy your printers Mattacloud authentication token found in your profile to the Mattacloud plugin settings and you are good to go. You now have automatic error detection and have remote control for your 3D printer.

2. Error Detection

Spot errors automatically

Mattacloud AI Error Detection

Machine learning and AI to detect errors

Throughout the printing process, our AI is constantly analysing your 3D print to intelligently determine if an error has occurred. Thanks to advanced machine learning our AI gets smarter and more reliable after every print.

Direct comparison between 3D print and model g-code

Our software intelligently compares the printed model to the input g-code at every layer, to accurately and reliably detect errors.

Mattacloud Active Comparison Error Detection
3. Stay in touch with your print

Receive warnings






Mattacloud notifications

You can select to receive messages when ever an error occurs during your 3D print. The latest snapshot of the 3D print is sent in addition to an informative error message. In addition Mattacloud will notify you of major milestones during the printing process.

4. Remote Access

Take control and solve

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Access from anywhere on any device

Monitor your prints and control your printer from anywhere. With Mattaclouds remote control functionality you can stay informed while away from your printer and take action when necessary. Remotely set temperatures, move axes, upload files and view your printer(s) dashboard on your choice of device.


Integrates with your setup

Works with OctoPrint

OctoPrint is a brilliant web interface for your 3D printer already used by many in the community. Our error detection software is fully compatible with OctoPrint - so current users will not have to change their workflow. Additionally, Mattacloud functions with plugins such as Octolapse to create the timelapses we love in addition to monitoring the 3D printing process. With the combination of Mattacloud and OctoPrint - nothing can go wrong!

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